Situated in Rosslyn, an industrial area north-west of the Pretoria city centre, the Nyati Paints factory manufactures and supplies its clients with quality paint both near and far.

The present owners took ownership of Nyati Paints in March 1999 and have been hard at work re-establishing the brand in the market ever since. Nyati Paints is now successfully serving a wide client base. Whether the client be a housewife that wants to redecorate her house, a contractor or shop owner or even a factory with need for an industrial application, Nyati Paints has got the solution. Nyati Paints supplies to both local clients as well as exporting up into Africa.

Nyati Paints manufactures high quality industrial paints, as well as decorative paints. The main product line consists of water based paints in order to support the drive to a greener, healthier environment. In the traditional alkyd market we also still manufacture the standard enamel paint, primers and solvent related products.